Vegan Recipes – A few things worth noting…

Is dark chocolate vegan?

Cocoa is a plant and it is vegan. The ingredients that are added into some chocolate products may make chocolate not vegan. Chocolate products that are vegan will not contain any dairy products.  

Best milk replacements

Our favourite non-dairy milks are ones that are unsweetened and unflavoured. They’re the best, because they are a blank canvas and work the best in all recipes, unless otherwise notes. Almond milk and soy milk work really well in most recipes, unless specified. 

Oils and fats

Vegan butters like Earth Balance are a great substitution for margarine and vegetable oil. These products aren’t as refined as hydrogenated oils and trans fats. We also love coconut oil for baking, as well in most recipes that call for oil. 

Is sugar vegan?

Many sugars are vegan, while some are not. Cane sugar is 100% vegan sugar. Refined white sugar is sometimes not classified as vegan because animal products are used in the process of making the sugar. White sugar is often whitened and refined using charcoal from cow bones. To be safe, vegan sugars include cane sugar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, date sugar, agave, sucanat, and more. These options can be found in health food stores and many regular grocery stores.  

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